Saint Gobain ThermaCool TC100U

Saint Gobain ThermaCool TC100U is an uncured (B-Stage) unsupported thermally conductive solid silicone rubber. This unique thermally conductive silicone gap filler can be used to effectively bond small passive heat sinks to BGA chips.

  • Thickness :0.381 mm,0.635 mm,0.79 mm,1.27 mm,1.575 mm
  • Colors: White
Data Sheet

Saint Gobain ThermaCool TC100U Data Sheet

Thickness, nominal: in..015, .025, .032, .050, .062
Thermal Conductivity: W/mK1.3
Thermal Impedance: °C in.2 /W (1/16")1.25
Break Strength: psi200
Elongation: %350
Hardness: Shore A65
Dielectric Strength: volts/mil250
Operating Temperature: °F-80 to 400

Saint Gobain ThermaCool TC100U Features

  • High bond strength and low thermal resistance in applications with uneven surfaces such as non-flat heat sinks
  • Effectively bonds plastic BGA surfaces that may have silicone mold release contamination
  • The unique silicone compound provides excellent bond strength to a wide range of substrates including plastic BGAs, anodized aluminum, and nickel-plated heat sinks which can eliminate mechanical fasteners and less secure tapes
  • The resilient silicone compound provides good vibration isolation of components that also needs thermal transfer
  • The product is supplied in an easy-to-use roll that ensures the correct amount of bonding and heat transfer material is provided without waste or need for special assembly equipment

Saint Gobain ThermaCool TC100U Applications

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Computers
  • CD-ROM Cooling
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Heat Pipe Assemblies
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronic modules for power devices for power supplies

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