Saint Gobain ThermaCool TC2005

Saint Gobain ThermaCool TC2005 is an economical, soft ceramic-filled silicone elastomer typically supplied with a PET release liner on both sides.

The product is intrinsically tacky and has excellent compression performance over a wide range of stack-up tolerances with minimal force applied to component parts.

  • Thickness :0.5 mm,1 mm,2 mm,3 mm,4 mm,5mm,6mm,7mm
  • Colors: Purple
Data Sheet

Saint Gobain ThermaCool TC2005 Data Sheet

ColorLight Purple
Thickness, nominal: mm.0.5~7.0
Density (g/cc)2.05
Hardness (Shore 00)40
Continuous Use Temp (°F) / (°C)-65°F to 392°F / -54°C to 200°C
100 mil, 50% Deflection Force (psi)25
Voltage Breakdown (VAC)5000
Volume resistivity (ohm-cm)1.0 × 10^10
Flame RatingV-0 equivalent
Thermal Impedance (°C in2/W) 100 mil (2)1.81
Thermal conductivity (W/m-K)1.6

Saint Gobain ThermaCool TC2005 Features

  • Extra soft and compliant gap filler
  • Economical choice with good performance for many applications
  • Low pressure applied to assembled components
  • Wide hardness range/compressibility to suit different applications
  • Hardness options (shore 00): 20, 40, 60
  • IATF 16949 certificate plant
  • Integral support using fabric, film, or non-tacky surface for temporary bonding, clean release, and ease of application

Saint Gobain ThermaCool TC2005 Applications

  • EV battery and powertrain systems
  • Power conversion equipment
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Telecommunications
  • Lighting and LED applications
  • Automotive electronics

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