Thermal conductive tape

Thermal conductive tape is made of advanced heat-conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive to meet the requirements of high adhesion strength and excellent thermal efficiency.
It provides a better thermal conduction path between the heating element and radiator or other cooling equipment in electronic mechanical components.
The specialized chemistry of this thermal conductive tape renders them modestly soft and able to wet many surfaces, allowing them to conform well to non-flat substrates, provide high adhesion, and act as a good thermal interface. 

  • Item No.: S11-25
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Adhesive Side: Double-Sided
  • Backing: Fiberglass
  • Thickness: 0.25mm
  • Die-cutting: Any shape and any size
  • Samples: Free
Data Sheet

Thermal conductive tape Data Sheet

Thermal Conduct Tape No.S11-25
Total Thickness (mm)0.25
180° Peel Adhesion (PSTC-101)
Holding Power (1kg/inch/25℃) >48
Thermal Conductivity
(ASTM D22470)(W/m-k)
Resist Temperature -20℃~120℃
Solvent resistanceGood

Thermal conductive tape Features

  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Improved surface wet-out for rough surface/LSE substrates
  • Excellent shock performance
  • You can customize the sizes and lengths.
  • Halogen-free
  • Transfer tape is ideal for thin bonding applications

Thermal conductive tape Applications

  • IC Packaging Heat Conduction‎
  • Heatsink-Thermal Interface Attachment‎
  • Battery Thermal Management‎
  • LED Lighting Thermal Management‎
  • Heatsink-Thermal Interface-Non Bonding
  • Flex Bonding
  • Thermal Interface-Damping-Cushioning

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