Thermal tape LED downlight application

LED downlight is a product developed by applying new LED lighting source on the basis of traditional downlight, which is a kind of lighting fixture embedded into the ceiling with downward light.

The high thermal conductivity silicone pad is now a good solution to the problem of heat dissipation in LED downlights, thus extending the service life of LED downlights.
As LED downlights are mainly illuminated by means of diodes, their lifespan depends mainly on the solid LED light source and the driving heat dissipation part.
High thermal conductivity silicone pad has very excellent thermal conductivity, good insulation, excellent fire resistance, good buffering, controllable self-adhesive, thickness optionality, color adjustability, construction simplicity, quality stability of a high thermal conductivity media materials, play a good connection between the heat generator and heat sink air distance problem, has good thermal conductivity and high level of pressure resistance.
It is the perfect solution for high-performance components that generate a lot of heat under high-speed operation, ensuring that the components can operate at their highest efficiency at normal working temperatures.

High thermal conductivity silicone mats are mainly used in high-end electronic products

For example high-power LED lamps, automotive electronic modules (engines and wipers) power modules; calculator applications (CPU, GPU, USICS, hard drives), the solar industry, backlight industry, LED-TV/PDP, etc.

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