Thermal transfer pad

It has excellent thermal conductivity and soft gap-filling performance and also plays a role in shock absorption, insulation, and sealing.

It has good heat conduction and gap-filling performance, and its material itself has a certain flexibility and double viscosity, which is suitable for filling heating parts and

The gap between the radiator and the enclosure can effectively achieve the best heat conduction and heat dissipation.

Data Sheet

Thermal transfer pad Data Sheet

featuresunittesting methodTest Results
color--Visual inspectionGrass green
thicknessmmASTM D3740.3~ 12
hardnessShore CASTM D224020~60
Heavy -dutyg/cm3ASTM D7922.6±0.2
Tear strengthKN/mASTM D412≥0.6
Temperature -resistantEN344-40~+200
Breakdown voltageKVASTM D149≥4
Volume resistanceΩ .cmASTM D2571.1 ×1016
Thermal ConductivityW/m.kASTM D54702.5±0.2
The performance of the actual application and the roughness of the surface, the flatness and the pressure applied directly.

Thermal transfer pad Features

  • Thermal conductivity: 2.5w/m k
  • Double adhesive, perfect fit
  • Performance (electrical insulation)
  • Optional glass fiber reinforced
  • Low compression stress

Thermal transfer pad Applications

  • LED
  • Between graphics card and heat sink
  • Computer cooling module
  • Network equipment & steam and electric equipment
  • The fast memory storage module
  • LCD

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